October 13, 2009

Native teens on In the Mix

Native American Teens: Who We AreWhat's it like to be a young Native American today? In this new In the Mix special, teens from cities and reservations throughout the United States share their lives, problems and solutions. Shot around the country, the program features profiles of accomplished teens, short films made by young Native Americans, and insightful discussion with a group of young leaders.

The special is hosted by Native American rap artist and film actor Litefoot (Cherokee), along with Dartmouth film major Christina Douglas (Shinnecock) at the Mashantucket Pequot reservation in Connecticut. Litefoot appears at the celebration as part of his "Reach the Rez" tour, and in the program, viewers learn about the year-long tour's messages of hope and empowerment for Native American youth (www.reachtherez.com).

We meet 15-year-old lacrosse player Kori Hafltown and his exciting play, and on the Seneca Cattaragus reservation in Western New York, learn about the deep roots of lacrosse in Native American culture as well as how traditional lacrosse sticks are made. On the Shoshone-Bannock reservation in Fort Hall, Idaho, we meet award-winning musician Hovia Edwards, a young flute player who's carrying on a tradition passed down from her father that was once only reserved for boys and men.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see TV Shows Featuring Indians.

Below:  Co-hosts Litefoot and Christina Douglas.

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