December 03, 2009

Kiowa Gordon's upcoming horror movies

'New Moon' and 'Eclipse' star Kiowa Gordon to play in 'Into the Darkness'

By Amanda BellLast week, it was announced that The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call in the Twilight saga films) would portray Brad in Into the Darkness.

This fledgling actor has started out his career in films on a good foot with the Twilight series and brings his new-found fame to Darkness, a film co-written "by local residents [of Tennessee] Jade and Paul Moser." According the Southern Standard, if filming schedules allow, Gordon will begin his work on Darknessin May, 2010, just before the premiere of Eclipse. The film's release is expected in March, 2011.
And:According to its MySpace page, the film's description is as follows:

A group of friends descend upon a remote wilderness area to camp and party reuniting after a year apart. Their decision to embark on a short exploration of an unknown cave system turns into a horrific struggle for survival. Can they find the light before the darkness finds them?
Shouldn't that be "cub actor," not "fledgling actor"? Wrong species, Amanda! <g>

I believe the Tennessee hills do have cave systems. And Gordon could be playing an Eastern Cherokee.

Or his Indian heritage could be irrelevant to this movie. Native actors don't have to play Natives.

The best part of this story: In's Into the Darkness entry, Gordon is listed first in the cast. Unless the list is in order of appearance (unlikely), that means he's the lead actor and the hero.

Which makes sense since he's the only name I recognize in the presumably low-budget cast. I imagine he'll survive the horror and help save (some of) the others.

Exclusive character images from Kiowa Gordon's 'Into the Darkness'

By Amanda BellHe may be out playing in the woods with his fellow wolfpack with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse filming, but in a few months Kiowa Gordon will be making his way back to Tennessee to pick up where he left off on filming his new movie Into The Darkness.

As previously announced, the pitch trailer for the film will be released on October 6th, and new, exclusive character images from the movie have just been released--including this one of Kiowa Gordon as "Brad."

Trailer for 'Into The Darkness'

'New Moon' star Kiowa Gordon to star in 'Murder for Dummys'

By Amanda BellHaving made a rather large name for himself as Embry Call in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Kiowa Gordon has a pretty full roster for 2010.

You've already heard a great deal about Gordon's forthcoming work Into the Darkness (which shoots in April or May), but now, it has been revealed that Gordon will also be filming Murder for Dummys.

Murder is written by Emerson Bixby and will be directed by David Capurso. According to Shock Till You Drop, the film's synopsis is as follows:

The story takes place on Halloween night and involves a couple and their friend accidentally killing a costumed trick or treater in a hit and run, then trying to cover up the murder. Once the friend starts to develop a taste for murder, comic and grisly twists and turns ensue.
Comment:  I presume the filmmakers are spelling "dummies" wrong intentionally. Perhaps as an ironic comment on the movies "dummys." And not because they're dummies themselves.

If they haven't cleared this title with the people who write the "[Fill in the blank] for Dummies" books, watch out. The Dummies book people could sue the Dummies movie people. The Dummies book people could claim they have exclusive rights to the "Dummies" title and are planning to make "Dummies" movies themselves.

Anyway, this is an excellent lesson in what happens when you put Native actors in mainstream Hollywood movies. For more on the subject, see How New Moon Robbed Natives and Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.

Below:  Kiowa Gordon in brooding hunk/lead actor mode.

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