December 02, 2009

Our dinner with Kiowa Gordon

Since we met Kiowa Gordon at the San Diego Comic-Con this year, my pal Victor has become something of a mentor to him. Because of Twilight, Kiowa has moved to LA and is living near the ocean with his older brother Josh. Since Victor was in town for a doctor's appointment, he invited us all to dinner Tuesday.

We met at Lares, a great Mexican restaurant in West LA. Present were Victor and his wife Pat, Kiowa and his brother Josh, Josh's friend Bill, and me. Victor had asked Adam Beach to join us, but he was busy filming Big Love.

A good time was had by all. Among the Twilight tidbits I gleaned from Kiowa and Josh:

  • At Twilight events, Kiowa has to deal with the screaming, crying, and fainting fans mentioned by Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

  • Other than that, Kiowa still can walk down the street without being recognized.

  • Kiowa was born in Berlin while his father was working there.

  • Kiowa's family lived in England for three months. I think Josh said he was born there and has dual citizenship here and there.

  • Kiowa and Josh are Mormons, so they don't drink margaritas or other alcoholic beverages.

  • Josh went to Italy for a while and learned Italian. This may have been for the missionary work every Mormon is supposed to do.

  • Josh wants to break into acting too. That seems feasible, since he's more outgoing than Kiowa. I mentioned Johnny Drama, the small-time actor who follows his big-time acting brother Vincent on Entourage, and Josh liked the comparison.

  • Kiowa will have a bigger role in Eclipse and especially Breaking Dawn. (Readers of the books may know this already.)

  • Oddly, no one was able to clean his plate except me. I guess these Indian wolf boys aren't so tough after all. I had some of Pat's dish and a lot of chips, too.

    As we left, a parking valet took a couple pictures of us:

    Dinner with Kiowa Gordon--December 1, 2009

    And that was my second close encounter with the Twilight phenomenon.

    For more on the subject, see Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.

    Below:  Josh's friend Bill, Victor Rocha, Kiowa Gordon, Kiowa's brother Josh Gordon, Rob Schmidt, Pat Rocha.


    D said...

    I thought that Kiowa was going to Germany for missionary work?

    D said...

    You should have asked about Tinsel, I wonder what the wolf pack actors think about that.

    m. said...

    Adorable. He looks kind of bewildered in that picture. Also, I knew right away that had to be his brother!

    Rob said...

    Judging by his comments, I don't think Kiowa knows the non-Wolf Pack actors well. Besides, it's not good to put someone on the spot in public. Especially in a social setting. You can't start asking probing questions when people are trying to forget their work and enjoy themselves.

    dmarks said...

    Yeah, it's often better to play Larry King (softball, friendly questions) instead of Katie Couric (agenda-driven, try to destroy your opponent) type of questions.

    Rob said...

    If this had been a professional interview situation rather than a casual dining situation, I would've felt free to ask tough(er) questions. Since it wasn't, I didn't.

    Yeah, Katie Couric was really playing "gotcha" by asking Sarah Palin what she read. When you can barely utter anything original, it's unfair to ask if you also read anything original.

    dmarks said...

    She's like that in all her interviews (I wasn't thinking of the Palin one in particular).

    King isn't.