August 09, 2010

Iron Pony Inter-Tribal Honor Run

Tribal motorcycle run honors Native traditions

By Ruth BrownSharing traditional stories and legends of the Native American people sets two motorcycle runs apart from the others during the Sturgis rally.

The Iron Pony Inter-Tribal Honor Run began Saturday, Aug. 7, in Wounded Knee. Native people from throughout the country are participating and sharing stories about their tribes.

“It’s a cultural exchange, and we can talk about each other’s tribes and share stories,” said Rex Carolyn, who is organizing the ride. “When everyone leaves they will go home knowing something about other tribes and tell their tribe about it. That’s how we preserve our culture. That’s how we make people understand.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Trail of Tears Bike Ride and Trail of Tears Motorcycle Ride.

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