March 19, 2011

Cherokee Dirty Laundry debuts

Native playwright featured in national play festivalCherokee Nation citizen and playwright Ranell Collins will see her debut work premiered March 25 at the Civic Center Music Hall’s City Space Theatre, when Oklahoma City Theatre Company presents her play “Dirty Laundry” as the focal event of their second annual Native American New Play Festival.

“Dirty Laundry” was one of three finalists in 2010’s festival, an event that received submissions from Native American playwrights across the United States.

The play explores the emotional and familial complexities of the sandwich generation. The play focuses on 54-year-old Ruth, a divorcee struggling to cope with life as she finds herself having to care for her terminally ill mother, Jenny. Ruth’s 30-something son, a drifter who takes advantage of his mother’s vulnerability, completes the generational sandwich with his own lack of willingness to support or provide assistance to the family.

The play chronicles Ruth’s inner turmoil as she strives to carve out some semblance of happiness for herself while dealing with the guilt and resentment she feels towards her situation.
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Below:  "From left to right, Randy Guild, D.G. Smalling, Ranell Collins, Angie Duke and Josh Irick go through a rehearsal of Collins’ play “Dirty Laundry” March 8 at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall’s City Space Theatre. The play is set to premiere March 25 at the theater."

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