March 28, 2011

Lindsay Lohan goes Native

Make-up free Lindsay Lohan channels Native America lookLindsay Lohan opted for an eye-catching new look as she ventured out in Los Angeles yesterday.

The troubled actress, who was wearing barely a scrap of make-up, channelled the Native American look by wearing her hair in plaits.

She was joined by a male friend as they dined at The Otherroom in Venice Beach--just down the road from the jewellery store where she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace.

Lindsay teamed her Pocahontas-style hair with a below-the-knee tribal-inspired sweater.
Comment:  I wouldn't read too much into this. Lohan wasn't wearing feathers, turquoise jewelry, or other Native signifiers. It could be a coincidence that she paired "Pocahontas-style" braids with a tribal-inspired sweater.

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Jaine said...

agreed, when I wear my hair in plaits I get called "Pippi Longstockings" or "Heidi" (if anything) - plaits are a part of various cultures all over over the world.