March 29, 2011

Native fashions in Vogue

Jessica R. Metcalfe writes about Native fashion in her Beyond Buckskin blog:

Vogue's IndiansThe March 2011 issue of Vogue Russia shows us their version of Southwest Fashion that borrows heavily from Native themes such as fringe, leather, Navajo blanket patterns, and long braids:And the April 2011 of Vogue Spain shows us their version of 'algo salvaje' (something wild)--a photospread that includes a headdress, squash blossom bracelet, fringe, and some other crap:

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The Vogue Spain issue earns a Stereotype of the Month nomination. First, it labels the fashions "Something Wild"--because Indians are wild, you know. Then it features a model in a chief's headdress. I don't know what they're selling in this picture--the jewelry? The bikini top?--but the image is something like 80% stereotypical. A half-naked white woman selling herself her wares is the epitome of who should not be wearing a revered feather bonnet.

For more on hipster headdresses like this one, see Hipster Headdress PSA on YouTube and Grouplove's Stereotypical Colours Video. For more on Native-inspired fashion, see Lindsay Lohan Goes Native and Are Native-Inspired Fashions Okay?

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Anonymous said...

And were Indian dresses really so, you know, fringed?