March 28, 2011

Bill Clinton opposes Amazon dams

Ex-Pres Clinton Criticizes Hydroelectricity in AmazonFormer President Bill Clinton said this weekend that he was against building more hydroelectric dams in the Brazilian Amazon, according to Folha de São Paulo, the country’s largest daily. Clinton was speaking at the World Sustainability Forum in Manaus, the largest city in the Brazilian rainforest state of Amazonas.And:Clinton’s call for the consideration of alternatives to new hydroelectric dams puts him in elite celebrity company. Hollywood director James Cameron is vehemently opposed to the building of the new 11,200 megawatt power station, Belo Monte, set to be constructed along Amazon tributary, Xingu, later this year if all of the conditions to an environmental permit are met. Cameron compared the building of Belo Monte, which would be the third largest in the world if constructed, as a battle similar to the one portrayed in his film Avatar. Only in this one, the enemy is the Brazilian government and a consortium of mostly government owned power companies called Norte Energia.Comment:  This is a prime example of the ongoing South American genocide against Indians.

For more on the subject, see Amazon Indians Petition Brazilian Government and Cameron's and Weaver's Anti-Dam Films.

Below:  "Former President Clinton didn't call out GDF Suez or the Brazilian government for its largescale hydroelectric power projects in the rainforest, but did call for alternatives to damming for electricity at the World Sustainability Forum in Manaus, Brazil, on March 26, 2011."

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Anonymous said...

This is an "operation" of the USA and NATO-Europe in their WAR AGAINST THE INDEPENDENCE OF BRAZIL AND SOUTH AMERICA: Paralyse their economic development in order to weaken their independent geopolitical posture and above all inhibit their competition on the international export markets. Instead of troops, the USA and NATO-Europe use 1. Environmentalist NGOs, and 2. NGOs that "protect ethnic minorities". (Notice: They are not active in Iraq, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia!) jan z. volens