March 29, 2011

Michelle Obama's mentors include Erdrich

Michelle Obama books stars to mentor:  Hilary Swank, Geena Davis, Anna Deavere Smith, Michelle Kwan

First Lady Michelle Obama to Host Mentoring Events with Renowned Women to Celebrate Women's History Month

By Lynn SweetOn Wednesday, March 30th, First Lady Michelle Obama will host a special event during the annual celebration of Women's History Month at the White House. Mrs. Obama will bring together more than twenty accomplished women, each paving their way in a variety of fields, to serve as mentors and share their experiences with students in the Washington, D.C. metro area. These women will showcase the important role mentoring can play in the lives of young people as they encourage all students, particularly young women, to pursue their dreams.Comment:  The list includes "Louise Erdrich, Pulitzer Prize winning author."

For more on Erdrich, see Louise Erdrich Wants PEACE PARTY and Bestselling Native Children's Books.

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