March 25, 2011

Apology for powwow story posted

You can read the apology from Noah Kelly and the Weekly Union here:

CSULB Newspaper Apologizes for Insensitive 'Pow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippy Yay' Report on Native American Event

It seems reasonably sincere except for one part. Kelly claims this line:Indian tacos? What the fuck are Indian tacos?was an attempt to "criticize what I thought was the misuse of the term Indian" because it's "an outdated racial misnomer as opposed to using Native American."

Really? Kelly thought rudely slamming the concept of Indian tacos would expose "Indian" as a racial slur? Wow, talk about missing the mark. That's such a ridiculous explanation that I think he made it up to excuse his inexcusable vulgarity.

If he really meant what he said, that shows you the difference between an amateur college writer and a professional writer like me. Next time you want to criticize the term "Indian," Kelly, get some help before you do.

Of course, even if he wrote a coherent critique of "Indian," he'd still be flatly wrong. Canadians may feel differently, but there's nothing wrong with using "Indian" in the US. I've discussed this several times--for instance, in:

"Indian" term dying out?
"American Indian" vs. "Native American"

For more on the subject, see Union Weekly Apologizes for Powwow Story and Powwow Participants Compared to Homeless.

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Rob said...

For more on the subject, see:

Groups petition to oust Union Weekly editor Kevin O'Brien

Two student groups are circulating a petition to recall Union Weekly Editor-in-Chief Kevin O'Brien after controversy erupted over an article about the Cal State Long Beach Pow Wow.

The American Indian Student Council and Justice and Gender Education, JAGed, are circulating the petition. This is the second petition to recall O'Brien during his time as editor of the weekly publication, which is funded by Associated Students Inc.