March 28, 2011

"Little Indian girl" in Community

In last week's episode of Community, titled Critical Film Studies (airdate: 3/24/11), Jeff Winger reveals that his parents dressed him as a little Indian girl with braids for Halloween. Jeff suggests this is the source of much of his self-loathing.

In Community's fictional world, this is a reasonable bit. Anybody's parents might have dressed a little non-Indian boy as a little Indian girl. And that might've traumatized the boy.

But in the real world beyond Community, this is problematical. For starters, why make Jeff a little Indian girl rather than a little princess or ballerina? Also, why not add some perspective on this scenario? And more than just a faux PC comment such as, "The proper term is Native American, not Indian." How about having someone say, "Not only was dressing you up traumatic for you, but it also was insulting to Indians."

The lack of this real-world perspective is telling. It suggests that the producers don't think there's anything wrong with the Halloween Indian scenario. And that they don't think audiences will think there's anything wrong with it.

In other words, we're supposed to believe that pretending to be a stereotypical Indian is normal. Nobody would suggest dressing up as a black Uncle Tom, a Mexican bandito, or a Chinese coolie, but dressing up as an old-fashioned Indian is okay.

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Below:  Which one is still socially acceptable in America?


Jaine said...

"why make Jeff a little Indian girl rather than a little princess or ballerina?"

In a healthy society non-sexist society would dressing a boy up as a girl at Halloween be 'traumatising'?

Rob said...

Probably not. But we have to assume this event happened in 1985 or thereabouts, when Jeff Winger was a boy.

Ryan said...

Are you serious...there is nothing insulting about dressing up in simulated Indian clothing. Get over yourself. I don't see the gauchos llorando. They are all okay!

Burt said...

Well Ryan, whats wrong with dressing up like a black slave and painting your face black and go into an African American community or dress up like a Jewish slave carrying a crucifix?

Why can't Jews and Blacks GET OVER IT?

Rob said...

Are you seriously ignorant of all the critiques I've posted on this subject, Ryan? Read some of them before you spout off again.