March 26, 2011

Chief Drifting Goose Memorial Bridge

Bridge to be named for American Indian chief

By Bob MercerThe state Transportation Commission agreed Thursday to designate a South Dakota highway bridge in honor of Chief Drifting Goose.

He was leader of the Hunkpati band of American Indians who, in June 1879, received a U.S. presidential order creating for a small reservation along the James River in Spink County, only to see it rescinded by the president, Rutherford B. Hayes, one year later.

Official state signs for Chief Drifting Goose Memorial Bridge will be erected on each side of the structure on S.D. 20 over the James River between Mellette and Brentford.
Comment:  Drifting Goose is one of those genuine Indian names you'll probably never see a New Ager or wannabe adopt. It doesn't have the powerful feel of an Eagle, Wolf, or Hawk name.

For similar road-related honors, see Crazy Horse Memorial Highway and The Nomlaki Highway.

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