March 15, 2011

Off to RES 2011

I'm off to Las Vegas for RES 2011, the leading business conference for Native Americans. I'll be manning the booth, meeting people, and taking pictures, as usual. Stay tuned for my report.

25th Annual Reservation Economic Summit (RES 2011) & American Indian Business Trade FairRES is the premier American Indian economic and business development conference in the nation. Attendees include American Indian and Indigenous entrepreneurs, tribal economic and business development decision-makers, tribal leaders, government and corporate Executives and Buyers seeking Indian suppliers and contractors.

RES is structured as two days of business information and training delivered through sixteen 90-minute sessions that is geared specifically for native entrepreneurs, tribal enterprises, and organizations wishing to do business with American Indian Businesses. On day 3, the trade fair provides opportunities for American Indian suppliers to meet corporate and government buyers to market their organizations and companies, network, and negotiate potential contracts.
Comment:  For more on Native conferences, see Pix of NIGA 2010 and Pix of NIGA 2009.


dmarks said...

Is the emblem something pretty much authentic and traditional, or some modern logo with Native-inspired elements that ends up looks like a battlestar emblem?

Rob said...

The latter, I think. It sort of looks like a stylized silver ring or a basket.