November 16, 2012

Highway of Tears in 48 Hours

Highway of Tears murders probed by CBS '48 hours'

48 Hours investigates northern B.C.'s missing and murdered womenThe unsolved murders on B.C.'s Highway of Tears will be the subject of a special episode of the top-rated U.S. investigative TV show "48 Hours" on Saturday.

The documentary will focus on the 18 women who were murdered or mysteriously disappeared along highways in northern and central B.C. since the 1960s.

Their story formed part of Commissioner Wally Oppal's Missing Women Inquiry, but is not well-known south of the border, according to producer Paul LaRosa.

"It's almost a new story for people down here, and I think they'll be taken with it, be very surprised by it."
Comment:  I tried to watch this, but CBS made it the second of two hours, and my TiVo recorded only the first hour. Oh, well.

For more on violence against women, see Erdrich Wins National Book Award and Winnipeg's Most Buys Headstones for Women.

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