November 27, 2012

Snoop Dogg in a headdress

Another day, another inappropriate headdress, another protest on Facebook:

So Snoop Dogg thinks it is okay to abuse an entire culture by wearing a fake headdress as a fashion statement! Then you need to checkout how he disrespects Native women with the scanty outfits! If you are offended by this insult to Native culture and tradition then go to his page and let him know how you feel! Somehow you would think he would know better.The image apparently comes from this video, which goes on for almost 13 minutes and features a Last Supper-like Thanksgiving meal.

Here are the usual reactions from Natives and others:LOL yeah it's very off--one of Snoop's parents is half Native--he came to an Canadian powwow randomly and likes hockey.

I say we get back at him and dress in black face paint and sing Mammy. Or maybe some other old time slave songs in the name of honoring the black culture.

There seems to be no end to these disrespectful morons. Can't blame it on the smoke. Willie and Bob Marley could smoke him under the table, and neither ever lost their sense of propriety and respect.

He has lost touch with reality. You would think he would have known better. Very surprised by this.

Disgusting! I'd like to slap the fire outta him!

Wow. I used to like him. I am always so angry when I see black people indulge in this kind of denigrating behaviour. We should know better. This man has millions of young black kids who follow what he does. Look what he is teaching them. For shame!

He better get his black ass to the media and apologize!

Really? You are surprised? Snoop has been disrespecting women of all races for years!

I posted over on his Facebook page as to how much of a shame he is. Even more disrespect he is smoking weed while he is wearing that fake headdress.

If he is half Native, he is not only disrespecting my chiefs, but his own as well. That makes it even worse IMHO.
Proving Snoop's lack of respect is this image and comment from his Facebook page:

Checc out tha BEHIND tha Scenes from my Thanksgiving Special!! Don't forget to subscribe! Uhearme.
A Plains headdress and a nearly naked "Indian maiden" at a Thanksgiving meal: two basic and inexcusable wrongs.

For more on the subject, see Victoria's Secret Model in a Headdress and Crystle Lightning in a Headdress.


Anonymous said...

Didn't plains Indian women wear a lot more than that? I mean, seriously. I'm pretty sure loincloths were male attire. And the fur bikini is entirely a Hollywood creation for fanservice purposes. Or am I just going out on a limb.

Anonymous said...

This THING called snoop dog is a disgrace to the whole Human race!!! WAKE UP!!! And my name is Madelaine Lee, I only went anon so I didn't have sign in.

dmarks said...

"...Somehow you would think he would know better...."

Really? On the matters of sensitivity and intellectual prowess, he's hardly above the likes of Beavis and Butt-head.

dmarks said...

And welcome back, Fanservice Guy.

Anonymous said...

@dmarks: Please tell me you've heard of TV Tropes.

And yeah, Snoop Dogg is kinda, um, let's say his greatest contribution to American culture is Work About Getting High #8192.

dmarks said...
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dmarks said...

Is that a web site? I've never been to it, unless perhaps to look up the broken vase thing, perhaps.

"Fanservice" is a word I have only found from one person: you, "Fanservice Guy". Though I did google it to verify that it existed, and as I suspected, it really should be two words "fan service" instead of one.

The picture, by the way, drives home the point that these stereotypes are really not about white racism. Blacks engage in this just as much as whites.

Anonymous said...

How is this so surprising? Does anyone remember the Outcasts performance?