September 01, 2010

Cameron helps with anti-dam films

Brazil dam project prompts animated response from director Cameron

By Matthew Knight"Defending the Rivers of the Amazon" is a 10-minute interactive presentation created jointly by Amazon Watch and International Rivers and highlights the environmental issues surrounding the building of the Belo Monte dam, in Para state.

Narrated by the actress Sigourney Weaver, the video explains how the dam--scheduled to be built on the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon River--will flood 500 square kilometers of agricultural land and rainforest, displacing over 20,000 people who have lived there for generations.

Cameron's help on the project has been invaluable, Amazon Watch's program director, Leila Salazar-Lopez told CNN. The Oscar-winning director helped enlist the services of Weaver and Google Earth.
And:In addition to helping produce the Google Earth Animation, Cameron has also released "A Message from Pandora." The three-minute feature premiered the same time as the recent re-release of his 2009 box office hit, "Avatar."Comment:  Glad to see Cameron is still helping the Amazon Indians despite his "cause fatigue."

For more on the subject, see Okay to Meddle in Brazil? and Dam Suspended with Cameron's Help.

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