November 05, 2010

Beck slams tribal flag song

Beck and crew attack Native American student for singing a song honoring troops at Reid rally

By Karen FamighettiGlenn Beck and his radio sidekicks attacked a Nevada student for singing a Native American song that she dedicated to American troops during a recent rally for Sen. Harry Reid. Her offense? Not singing "The Star Spangled Banner."

Picking up on a story first reported by radio host Barbara Simpson and carried on Gateway Pundit, The Blaze, and Fox Nation, Beck asked, "When somebody says, 'Please rise for the national anthem,' what song are you expecting?" He then ridiculed Christina Thomas for not singing the national anthem at a recent Reid rally.

But audio makes clear, however, that Thomas told the audience that she was not singing the national anthem as the event's emcee announced, but rather a tribal flag song. Thomas told the audience, "I sing this in honor of all our veterans" and "those who are still fighting for our freedoms overseas."
Comment:  Glenn Beck gives us another fine example of his prejudice against Indians.

Note the false and malicious methods used by the typical teabagger. Beck claims Thomas sang what he called "her national anthem." No, she sang a song to honor military veterans, as she said explicitly. Beck claims outrage on behalf of the people at Harry Reid's rally. Since it was Reid's event, Reid's opinion was the only one that mattered. If anyone else didn't like it, they were free to go home and vote against him.

This is what Beck and his fellow teabagger conservatives mean when they want to "take back the country." Criticize people for daring to be different. Attack any divergence from the mainstream culture. Slam anyone who doesn't toe the white Christian line.

Beck didn't make his message explicit, but we can do it for him. "Thomas isn't a real American," Beck seems to be saying. "Her Native culture isn't part of America's culture. If she can't act like an American, she should go back where she came from."

Beck gets another Stereotype of the Month entry for implying that a tribal flag song is un-American. Same for the people who sing such songs.

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Below:  "I pledge allegiance to white Jesus and the country for which he stands."


Burt said...

Beck is not prejudiced by nature. He is simply ignorant that natives have songs period, that do not quite sound close to his molded apple pie lullibye he has been brainwashed since infancy to drool on command like Pavlovs dogs and he is not alone.

That a culture predates Americana is what the whole point is about in reminding so-called Americans that we are still here and Mr. Becks opinions should stay right where they are, on TV and his reality along with the status quo he harbors, should only be taken for its entertainment value.

Kari said...

Native flag songs are the equivalent of the star spangled banner so he shouldn't be getting all huffy about it but then again he prolly wont like anything Natives do...