November 03, 2010

"Reservation hotties" and "welfare chicks"

Members of aboriginal community voice concerns over pornographic websiteMembers of Winnipeg's aboriginal community are speaking out against a pornographic website featuring only native women. They believe the women featured on it are vulnerable and were targeted.

Lisa Michell of the Women's Memorial March says the site furthers stereotypes of aboriginal women. The site advertises "casino girls," "reservation hotties" and "welfare chicks."

CTV News is not naming the website.

The website's creator, Florida resident Shim Mekbeb, says it's a niche website and the girls are willing.
Comment:  I don't think women should sell themselves for money, but that's a separate subject. The problem here is the porn site's stereotypes. "Casino girls," "reservation hotties" and "welfare chicks" all sound like variations of the Indian princess or squaw. The women are sexy like princesses but slutty like squaws.

And where did Mekbeb get the idea for this website? Gee, I can't imagine.

Paris Hilton as a sexy Indian
"Pocahontas" in Parenthood
Miss Universe Canada finalist in a headdress
Sexy "Indians" in hipster headdresses
"Sexy squaws" at Neon Indian concert


For more on the subject, see Indian Women as Sex Objects.

Below:  "Lisa Michell of the Women's Memorial March said she believes vulnerable aboriginal women were targeted for the website."


Anonymous said...

The "man" and his blog are disgusting. He was raided by the FEDs and I really hope he's shut down. Ignorant and useless. And can you imagine how he raises his daughters?

Anonymous said...

Wanna tell him personally?

Mekbeb, Shimelesse 5204 Hammock Cir
St. Cloud, FL 34771