October 10, 2010

Miss Universe Canada finalist in a headdress

Denis Davila's Photos--Miss Universe Canada finalists International Travels

Here you can see Theresa Crame, a model and beauty-pageant contestant, in a headdress and fringed halter top and skirt. Naturally, it's pure stereotyping. It furthers the idea of Native women as exotic sex objects for white men. Which contributes to the tragic rate of violence and rape against them.

Apparently Crame was born in Vancouver and raised in British Columbia. One posting called her a native of Madrid, Spain, which could refer to her ancestry rather than her birthplace. Therefore, I presume, she's not Native--not that being Native would give her a valid excuse for her costume.

No doubt she thinks she's "honoring" the indigenous people of British Columbia with her costume. Right, by dressing in a Plains headdress and a sexy Halloween costume for some "Pocahottie." That's roughly like dressing up as a stripper in a nun's habit to honor a female Christian saint.

For more on the subject, see Khloe Kardashian in a Headdress and Cher in a Headdress.

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