October 04, 2010

500 red dresses for victimized women

Artist aims to raise awareness regarding missing, murdered womenA local artist is creating an exhibit that aims to bring more attention to the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

Jaime Black is collecting 500 red dresses, one for every missing or murdered aboriginal woman across Canada.

In Manitoba alone, there are more than 170 missing or murdered women.

"It's a garment women wear to look beautiful but it's also a representation of the racialization and sexualized violence against aboriginal women," said Black.

As a Métis woman, Black said she is interested in activism around women's issues.

Rather than set up the exhibit in an art gallery, she plans to place 100 of the dresses in trees throughout the downtown to bring the issue to the forefront.

"I think if you see that symbol over and over…the weight of the issue will resonate with people," said Black.
Comment:  For more art for Native crime victims, see Helen Betty Osborne Graphic Novel and Art Show for Missing Aboriginal Women.

Below:  "Some of the dresses collected by Jaime Black will be hung in downtown Winnipeg."

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kathleen Shellrude. I work at Sage House, a drop in centre for Street Involved Women and a program of Mount Carmel Clinic. People, for some reason, believe we are the ones collecting the red dresses for Jaime. We aren't but would like to get the two we have to her, along with having a location to send any future folks who think dresses should be here. We'd love a location to send them to or a number for them to call to make arrangements. It's a beautiful idea for a tragic reality that faces us, in Winnipeg and in rural areas of Manitoba. Our best to Jaime and her work - but Jaime, could you call me and tell me how to get to you? Sage House's phone number is 943-6379 and my personal email is kshellrude@mountcarmel.ca.

in solidarity,