February 05, 2011

Boba Fett meets Coyote

An unusual perspective

Ryan Singer explores modern art through ideas and color

By Carolyn Calvin
His work has evolved over the years but one thing remains constant for Ryan Singer--a desire to express himself as a modern Native American artist.

One of his favorite pieces, "Bounty Hunter and Trickster Encounter" is a "split-screen"-type image with Boba Fett, a bounty hunter from the "Star Wars" movies, on one side of the canvas taking aim, and a coyote on the remaining half of the canvas. It combines one of Singer's main influences--"Star Wars"--with an element of Navajo culture--the Coyote.

Art has always been part of his life. Singer, 37, began drawing when he was a kid in pre-school, studying comic books and album covers from the 1970s.
And:In addition, he was interested in science-fiction TV shows such as "Star Trek," Flash Gordon and "Godzilla." The black-and-white "Frankenstein" and werewolf movies also served as inspiration.

As a teenager, Singer began to "do a lot of drawings and comic-book images."

He became interested in surrealism and studied Salvador Dali's work. Singer's own work took on a modern edge depicting amongst other things a cup of coffee or a skateboard. He also became a music aficionado collecting heavy metal and punk music records and creating compilations on cassette tapes.
Comment:  For some similar art, see Here Comes Sayn-Day and Coyote/Loki Mash-Up.

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