December 08, 2009

Gwich'in elder at Klimaforum09

“We Are Having a Hard Time Surviving”

Gwich’in Elder Sarah James on How Climate Change Is Altering Life in the Alaskan ArcticWhile 15,000 delegates, activists and journalists are gathered here at the Bella Center for the official climate conference, a people’s summit called Klimaforum09 opened last night across town. Speakers at the Klimaforum include Sarah James, a longtime advocate for the Gwich’in people in Alaska. She traveled to Copenhagen with the Indian-born photographer Subhankar Banerjee, who has spent years documenting life in the Arctic. [includes rush transcript]Comment:  Follow the link to see the video or read the transcript.

For more on the subject, see Indigenous People Seek Climate Action, Natives Address Climate Change, and IsumaTV's "Countdown to Copenhagen."

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