December 08, 2009

McCain attacks Native grandparent study

McCain attacks grant to study Native grandparentsArizona Sen. John McCain, last year's GOP presidential candidate, has joined Republican Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn in mocking 100 federal stimulus spending projects. One of their targets is a $1.1 million grant to Oklahoma State University associate professor Tammy Henderson to study grandparent roles among Native peoples in rural Alaska. Two people were hired to work on the research at OSU, and two University of Alaska social science professors are collaborating on the project. Henderson defended her research in an interview in September. "I will tell you, as a professor who is trying to change the world by giving it good science and good theory, it was a good thing to do," she said of the grant.Comment:  This is added evidence that McCain is anti-Indian at his core. For more on the subject, see The 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Below:  "Oklahoma State University associate professor Tammy Henderson is using stimulus money to study the role of Alaska Native grandparents in rural communities."

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