December 02, 2009

Student dorm to block longhouse's light

Shadow casts shadow on Ore. university dorm plan

By Greg BoltThe University of Oregon is turning to the famous designer of its Many Nations Longhouse to help resolve a conflict that could literally cast a shadow on that culturally important structure.

Plans for a $75 million student residence hall recently stalled when Native Americans pointed out that the new dorm would block the rising sun’s light from reaching the longhouse. The morning light is important in many Native American cultures.

The conflict led the campus planning committee to table a vote on the schematic and open space plans for the dorm. Unless the matter is resolved quickly, the delay could prevent the university from opening the new dorm in fall 2012 as it had planned.
Comment:  For a similar issue, see Wampanoag vs. Wind Turbines.

Below:  Many Nations Longhouse, UO Campus--Eugene, Oregon. (Brad Cooley)

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dmarks said...

Minor alterations to a building are much more more reasonable than controlling the surface area of a vast area of water surface just to control the view.