December 05, 2009

Twilight's lone female werewolf

Mark Reads 'Eclipse': Chapter 19Then there's the Leah Clearwater business. If you remember, when Billy told the story of the Quileute tribe, women were mysteriously left out of the picture, except via suicide. Well, Edward casually reveals to Bella that Sam's ex, Leah Clearwater, is actually a werewolf. So, at first, I got kind of excited and was honestly ready to say, "HEY, I WAS WRONG. I AM A DOLT." But yeah. Yeah. YEAH.

Edward snorted. "She's making life exceedingly unpleasant for the rest of them. I'm not sure she deserves your sympathy."

"What do you mean?"

"It's hard enough for them, having to share all their thoughts. Most of them try to cooperate, make it easier. When even one member is deliberately malicious, it's painful for everyone."

The only female werewolf doesn't help the pack. She harms them because she's too emotional over losing the love of her life, Sam, to her cousin, Emily.

This is the worst book of all time.
Comment:  Does Twilight have a single female character who's a strong, positive leader and problem-solver? Or is it as misogynist as it sounds?

For more on the subject, see Sexism in Twilight Saga and Romance in Twilight Movie.

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