August 06, 2010

Lakota Tea Party

Pine Ridge Tea Party Friday Organized by SecessionistIf the American Revolutionaries dressed up as Indians for the original Tea Party, then what will the Pine Ridge Indians wear for their Tea Party Friday, Glenn Beck suits? Sarah Palin heels?

Some nice Lakota folks are getting together at Wounded Knee Friday to talk about Lakota rights and Second Amendment freedoms. So, some Lakota warriors walk into a bar or a courthouse with semi-automatic weapons and shout, "Hoka hey!"—we're all for that, right, my fellow South Dakotans?

I am amused to see that the Wounded Knee Tea Party is being organized by secessionist Garry Rowland, a participant in the 1973 Wounded Knee takeover and one of the main activists in the Republic of Lakotah. That movement seeks to annul Indian treaties (I think we white folks already did that) and establish Native sovereignty for West River and adjoining territory in other states. Ah, Tea Parties and secession—a perfect fit, right, Gordon?
Comment:  Russell Means and company still haven't made any progress on seceding from the Union. What's that gonna happen?

For a previous Native Tea Party, see Crow Nation Tea Party. For more on the subject, see Real Indian at Tax Protest and Teabaggers Misuse Indian Imagery.


Kathryn Price NicDhàna said...

Wanbli Tate did a live show with callers reporting in from the meeting. It's archived here:

Most everyone in the chat room was bewildered that anyone would even consider involving the Teabaggers in tribal issues.

Reports from the meeting were that twenty to thirty people attended the meeting, and only one person wanted any alliance with the Tea Party.

dmarks said...

Any idea how many sovereign Native nations are wiped out by the proposed "Republic of Lakotah" land grab? Especially non-Lakota?

Anonymous said...

More proof Means is an idiot. I'm sure Obama started the whole Bureau of Indian Affairs mismanagement thing. Yeah, every president before Obama was just fine to Indians.

But Means's secession idea is more popular with wannabes. In fact, Means in general is.

Rob said...

I think the dark red areas correspond to the Standing Rock, Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Lower Brule reservations--all "Sioux." The large yellow area just misses some non-Lakota reservations. It appears the Republic of Lakotah would subsume only Lakota reservations--as well as parts of the United States, of course.

For more information, see: