November 12, 2010

Adam Beach moves to Vancouver Island

Hollywood star Adam Beach moving to Island

By Michael D. ReidThe Manitoba-born Saulteaux native said relocating to the Cowichan Valley and forming a creative partnership with producer Robin Webb to make independent films through his Bay Film Studios was a no-brainer.

"The big difference is with the [Bay] studio we're out to change people's lives," said Beach, who, despite limping from a painful groin injury incurred while shooting the new Hawaii Five-O TV series, was all smiles and characteristically playful.

"Working on a big-budget movie, you're looking to make a quick-buck blockbuster with entertainment value."

Their partnership ignited when Beach signed to play the Ojibway title character in Tommy Prince: Prince of the Devils, his $11-million feature about his personal hero, the most decorated aboriginal war veteran in Canadian history.

"I've been doing these heroic movies in the U.S. and I think it's time to profile us and honour and respect how great our forces are," said Beach, noting First Nations youth desperately needs such a hero.
Beach's next movie project:Beach, 38, got a step closer to fulfilling his dream with the start of preproduction on Dating Dot Con, Webb's $2-million cautionary feature about children lured by Internet predators.

"It caught his attention," said Webb, who showed Beach some scripts to consider before the Prince project rolls next year.

Beach will play a vigilante cop who takes matters into his own hands when four Internet predators can't be tried because their teenaged victims won't report the crimes. Victoria's Beau Mirchoff co-stars as "the rotten rich kid," said Webb.

"No report, no crime. No crime, no justice," said the director with a background in production of safety films and manuals.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Beach's Role in Cowboys and Aliens and Beach Warns Ho-Chunk Youth.

Below:  "Adam Beach: Hoping to steer youth in a good direction through his Bay Film Studios partnership." (Lyle Stafford/

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