November 21, 2010

Bronson Pelletier assaulted

Twilight Star has been attackedCelebrity Gossip are shocked to report that Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier who played werewolf tribe member Jared has been attacked after attending a convention in Birmingham.

The 24-year-old Twilight actor was left shocked after he was attacked which left him with a broken nose. According to reports the actor was head butted and put into a headlock by a number of drunken men at the Twilight event.

According to The Daily Telegraph a source told them: "Bronson was really angry and upset. ... These guys were very nasty. They were so drunk they probably didn't even realise they were picking on a Hollywood actor.

"The convention was full of teenage girls and geeks desperate to see their Twilight heroes so no one expected this sort of trouble."

Police have released a statement saying that the four attackers were attending a wedding reception in the same hotel where the conference was being held and were chased by police offers where one of the attackers was restrained by a taser gun.

All four of the attackers were arrested on suspicion of assault but two were later freed without charge while two others were given bail while further investigations took place.

The actor cannot understand why the four men decided to attack him and is said to be nervous about attending more conventions.
Comment:  Finally we learn just how harmful Twilight is to Native actors.

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Anonymous said...

Or it could be that just like the fan dumb, Twilight has serious hate dumb.

Anonymous said...

Yes Rob these drunk men obviously attacked Bronson because he was an indian actor in Twilight.

dmarks said...

Yes, Anon 2. In fact, major liquor bottlers print bottles with pictures of 'Twilight' actors to make it easier for the drunks to get them.

Rob said...

Although the attack may have had a racial motive, I was joking about the harm caused by Twilight. I guess you folks didn't get it.

Rob said...

For more on the subject, see:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Twilight Star Bronson Pelletier--'I Was Attacked by Gang of Drunks'

"These five drunken hooligans followed me into a restroom," Bronson says. "They did it because they wanted to jump somebody who was in Twilight.

"Two of the guys tried to choke me," Bronson adds. "I pushed back and threw them off me."