November 17, 2010

Global Gaming Expo 2010 (Day 3)

Continuing my report begun in Global Gaming Expo 2010 (Day 2):

Day 3 was similar Day 2. We arrived at the booth about half an hour late. I stayed at the booth most of the day, with only two brief breaks to walk the floor. I saw one slot machine called Valiant Warrior that featured a stereotypical Indian chief and maiden. I saw other machines withe Aztec and Maya themes.

We returned to the hotel, then went to MGM's new Aria property for cocktails at the Gold Lounge and dinner at Todd's Public Urban Bar P.U.B. I had a 1-lb. roasted chicken.

Then we walked through Aria, admiring the architecture and art. An indigenous-style latticework covered one dining area, as if it were inside a native hut. Finally we walked home along the Strip--past a statue of King Kamehameha at the Hawaiian marketplace. Victor went to bed early to prepare for his Tribal Crossfire panel Thursday while I worked a couple of hours on

For more on the subject, see The Facts About Indian Gaming.

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