November 23, 2010

Gray Wolf on Irene Bedard

From a Facebook posting on the Irene Bedard abuse story:Ummmmm, let's see, she shows up in Alaska where her family is with a broken finger and a dislocated shoulder, ummmm. I really hate it when people make judgments on something they know absolutely NOTHING about. that seems to be the case here as many are trying to speak on a subject with no facts what so ever. If it seems I'm a little upset with all this, yes I am--I have read some of the comments like drug abuse and running away with her new boyfriend--GEEEZ, where do people get this stuff from or do they just make it up??? I spoke to Irene last night for about an hour and she could not believe what was happening and the things people were saying! A little background, I have known Irene for about 10 years and traveled with her and her husband Deni Wilson for about 5 years, one and a half years as her guitar player in the ID band. I saw the mental abuse on many occasions and suspected the physical abuse but she would always cover for Deni--I even talked to Deni a couple of times and told him that if I ever found out about physical abuse, I would personally make him regret it. Deni was an overly controlling little troll that would treat her like his slave more than his wife! He would reprimand her after what he thought were bad performances and never had anything to say in the way of a compliment. When she would stay at my house which she often did, I would talk to her and tell her to leave what I thought was a bad situation, on one occasion after a bad argument she even asked me if she could stay with me for awhile. I said yes but Deni again lied to her that things would change but they never did! There is much much more but anyone who truly knows Irene would know that all the negative stuff being put out by her poor excuse of a man husband is just propaganda to gain control of their son and to further abuse her! People that do not know her should stay out of what is none of their business and quit making up sensational crap just to make themselves look and feel better! Irene will come out of this eventually and will get back to acting because that is where she belongs!Comment:  The images below are evidence that Gray Wolf knows Bedard personally, at least. I can't verify what he said, but it seems consistent with what everyone else is saying.

For more on Bedard, see Irene Bedard's Current Projects and Irene Bedard at Flint Festival.


Anonymous said...

GrayWolf was on Judy Lopez's radio show today.

Its a great program.

Here is the podcast.

Anonymous said...

Gray Wolf , as he calls himself, is just another wannabe trying to ingratiate himself by claiming to be known by her. He is as phony as they come. That, is very sad. Any one can take a picture with Irene.

Rob said...

I've seen no evidence that Gray Wolf is a wannabe. Do you have such evidence?

Did he also slip into the radio show without Bedard's noticing him? Unlikely.

It really doesn't matter who or what Gray Wolf is. He's given a detailed account of his relationship with Bedard and no one's challenged it.

Unless you can prove he's lying, your claims aren't worth much. So go ahead and prove it.

Wise Owl said...

Anonymous is Deni her soon to be ex !!!! We are not fooled by his trolling rants and it only provides us with more insight to his abuse that still continues in the media and the courts!!! What a poor excuse for a man and even poorer as a husband !!! This shows that he is unfit to be either one and especially unfit to be a father !!!