November 24, 2010

Jolie:  Thanksgiving = murder

Angelina Jolie Refuses to Celebrate Thanksgiving, Feels It's a 'Story of Murder'

By Rob ShuterWhile everyone is preparing to give thanks tomorrow, one of America's most famous families, the Jolie-Pitts, have decided to sit this Thanksgiving out.

"Angelina Jolie hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans," a friend of the actress tells me. "To celebrate what the white settlers did to the native Indians, the domination of one culture over another, just isn't her style. She definitely doesn't want to teach her multi-cultural family how to celebrate a story of murder."
And:[A]lthough Brad Pitt recently told 'EXTRA,' "We'll whip up a turkey somewhere," he certainly hasn't shared that plan with Angelina. A family friend tells me, "If Brad wants turkey, he will have to cook it himself. For Angie, it will be another day when America tries to rewrite history."Comment:  For more on Jolie, see Angelina Jolie, Iroquois? For more on Thanksgiving, see Thanksgiving Set the Tone and Hitler = Greatest Threat Since Indians?

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Anonymous said...

Good for her. At least someone takes a stand on something these days. Everyone else falls into the status quo.

Now if she would only adopt me, I'm only ten years older than her!