November 26, 2010

Rockwired Radio seeks Native artists

Native-owned music website seeks artistsSince April, the online radio show Rockwired Radio Profiles has featured bands and solo recording artists from around the world. In its transition from a weekly to a daily show, Rockwired Radio Profiles has broadened the musical styles and the number of artists that it features.

Upon archiving the 60 shows that have streamed up to that point, the show’s host Brian Lush noticed something. There weren’t enough Native artists represented.

“There is absolutely no excuse for it,” he said. “There are tons of great artists throughout Indian Country, and now Rockwired is committed to shining a light on this rich, vibrant music community.”
Comment:  The article notes that Lush is Yankton Sioux. It's interesting that he didn't think of promoting Native artists until six month after launching his Rockwired Radio.

For more on the subject, see Online Radio for Native Hip Hop and InnerTribal Beat on the Radio.


Brian Lush (Yankton Sioux) said...

Just for clarity's sake. ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES has featured Indian Artists such as Miracle Dolls (Mandan Hidatsa), Indigie Femme (Navajo and Maori), and Debora Iyall (Cowlitz). Before it changed from an Online magazine to a radio show we interviewed Buffy Sainte-Marie(Cree) and The Plateros (Navajo). I understand that I did take a while in making our search for Indian talent official and as I'm quoted in the article, "there is no excuse for it!" I am hoping that your comment had more to do with seriously questioning what took me so long as opposed to questioning my tribal identity.

Rob said...

No, I wasn't questioning your tribal identity. Thanks for the update.