November 20, 2010

Sisters of the Earth

Grammy winner Mary Youngblood brings latest project to Harlow's

By Jim CarnesSacramento's Grammy Award-winning flute player Mary Youngblood will debut her latest project–an all-female musical foursome known as Sisters of the Earth–Saturday at Harlow's.

The group is one of many projects that have kept the Fair Oaks resident on the go this month. Sure, November is Native American Heritage Month, and Youngblood is half Seminole and half Aleut, but nearly every month seems to be this busy for her.

In addition to Youngblood, Sisters of the Earth features Sana Christian on guitar and harmony, Beatriz Muniz on percussion and harmony, and Donna Proctor on bass.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Mary Youngblood Breaks Taboo.

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