November 16, 2010

Global Gaming Expo 2010 (Day 2)

Continuing my report begun in Global Gaming Expo 2010 (Day 1):

Our first day at the trade show wasn't too eventful. We took the monorail and arrived only a few minutes late, which is good for us. Our booth was actually in a decent location this time--not in the far rear corner next to the vacuum cleaner salesman.

I had to get us a trash can, which gave me a chance to walk the floor. I saw a couple of politically incorrect slot machines:

1) The Temple of Moolah features a South Seas Island native girl wearing a grass skirt and a bone through her nose. She's standing in front of a Maya style pyramid.

2) Another unnamed slot machine has primitive African warriors, including one with a Plains-style headdress, and wild animals.

After my brief walkabout, I stayed at the booth for the rest of the day. Foot traffic was moderate but a few old friends came by to keep us company, so it wasn't unpleasant.

Victor left early, so I took the monorail back to the hotel and browsed the news for an hour. Then I took a cab downtown to the Golden Nugget for the annual gaming writers' dinner. The Golden Nugget doesn't look like much from the outside, but it has a stylish interior.

We had a nice dinner at Vic & Anthony's Steak House. I consumed a 24 oz. ribeye steak, 12 oz. of Victor's steak, mashed potatoes, bread, and dessert. Finally we headed home.

For more on the subject, see The Facts About Indian Gaming.


Anonymous said...

Holy fudge balls Batman!!! You ate a pound and a half of steak!! And almost a pound of mashed potatos!! Was that a typo Rob?


Rob said...

It wasn't a typo, but you misread it. It was 36-plus oz. of steak and only a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes.

Who eats a whole pound of mashed potatoes? Ridiculous! ;-)