November 11, 2010 3.0 is coming Announces Version 3.0

Revamped website will offer new formats, voices,, the Internet news source for Indian and gaming information, is pleased to announce version 3.0 of its popular website. The revamped site promises to become a central hub for the gaming industry: a place where everyone goes to find out what’s happening.

The computing environment has changed dramatically since went online in 1998. People are using new hardware—smartphones and iPad-style devices—and software—blogs and social media. With version 3.0, gaming professionals will benefit from these tools.

“I rely on the latest tools and so do my readers,” said owner Victor Rocha, an enrolled Pechanga Indian. “I want to be at everyone’s fingertips…literally.”
Comment:  This press release is relevant for a few reasons:

1) The revamped website should provide more and better information about Natives.

2) Since I work there, it should help secure my financial situation.

3) I wrote it, so it's a good example of what I can do.

For more on the subject, see Why Keith Olbermann Matters and Native Journalism:  To Tell the Truth.

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