November 13, 2010

Soundtrack for Nancy Ward musical

Soundtrack to Nancy Ward musical set for January release

By Tesina JacksonSeveral years ago, Nancy Ward descendent Becky Hobbs started writing a musical play titled “Nanyehi, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee.” Although the production isn’t ready to be launched, the soundtrack, “Songs from Nanyehi,” is set for a January release.

“I’m excited about that because you know a lot of times a musical will come out and it’s successful and then the soundtrack comes out,” Hobbs said. “In this case, since I’ve spent my whole life in the music business, I’m releasing my album first and I’m hoping that the attention from my album will garner attention to helping us launch the musical.”

Hobbs has written and performed many mainstream songs, including “Angels Among Us,” which the country group Alabama recorded. She also wrote “Tsa La Gi, We are Many,” which has been proposed as the national anthem for the Cherokee Nation by the Association of the Descendents of Nancy Ward.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Nancy Ward the Musical and Cherokee Play About Warrior Woman.

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For more on the subject, see:

Songwriter pens musical tribute to beloved Cherokee ancestor

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Becky Hobbs dedicates her latest album to her parents, who always encouraged her to make music; her grandmother, who signed the Dawes Roll at age 17; and “all of our Native American brothers and sisters.”

But “Nanyehi—Beloved Woman of the Cherokee” is really for her fifth-great-grandmother, Nancy Ward, who was renowned as both a war hero and peacemaker, and now, thanks to her descendant, is the subject of a musical.