May 03, 2011

Mission named "Geronimo," not target?

I gather the government and media are trying to spin the "Osama bin Laden as Geronimo" slur. Let's ignore the direct quotes proving the US did indeed label the terrorist "Geronimo" and discuss the alternative. Namely, that the US named the mission but not the target after the famed Apache.

My response:

I feel so much better because of the White House spin that "Geronimo" was a mission to kill, not a person to be killed. In related news, the WH reveals that the Libyan bombing campaign was codenamed "Operation Crazy Horse." You see, we're honoring Indians by naming our murder missions after them. Because Indians were (are?) so good at killing people.

Yeah, that explanation works...not.

In more related news, Obama is thinking of renaming the war in Afghanistan the "Sitting Bull War." Because Afghanistan has a bad connotation these days, and Sitting Bull was all about fighting savagely in the badlands.

See how well that works? With this move, Obama helps America forget an unpopular war and honors Indians. It's a twofer!

Anyone who buys the government's transparent rationalization isn't thinking clearly, IMHO. And again, it's a moot point since we have a direct quote from someone saying our troops IDed "Geronimo" the target, not the mission. Anything else is political spin.

More deep thoughts

There's no truth to the rumor that Obama has launched a task force against poverty with the codename "Welfare Queen." Not that poverty has anything to do with welfare queens, you see. It's just one of those quirky naming coincidences.

News flash: US to launch war against stupidity codenamed "Ronald Reagan." Because Reagan was a great leader against all things stupid, you see. Not because he himself was an addle-brained idiot.

News flash: Republican Tea Party demands next terrorist be codenamed "immigrant," "mosque," "Planned Parenthood," "taxes," or "gay marriage."

We could go on and on with examples like these. In fact, the US did have an Operation Wetback once:Operation Wetback was a 1954 operation by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove illegal persons from the southwestern United States, focusing on Mexican nationals.News flash: US decides now is the time to resurrect Operation Wetback. "If we can call a terrorist 'Geronimo,' why not call Mexicans 'wetbacks'?" said one Obama official. "It's the same idea. Let's stop being politically correct and go back to the ethnic slurs we all know and love."

Bottom line: The vast majority of people won't parse whether the "Geronimo" codename was for the mission or the target (or both). Associating a terrorist with an American Indian is wrong, period.

For more on the subject, see Critics Slam "Geronimo" Codename and Why US Chose "Geronimo" Codename.

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Rob said...

The following posting should help put the "mission codename" theory to rest. It seems the mission was codenamed "Neptune Spear," not "Geronimo":

US Official:  "This Was a Kill Mission"

A senior US official, hoping to offer clarity on the nature of Operation Neptune Spear, tells ABC News that “this was a kill mission.”