June 29, 2011

"Blacks" showband vs. "Indians" showband

While criticizing "The Indians," some people envisioned a stereotypical Irish band to send a message to the wannabes. I went with a black version to make the ridicule more obvious and universal:

I'm gonna start a band called the Blacks with "Frederick Douglass," "Martin Luther King," and "Maya Angelou." With "Barry Obama" on drums and "Oprah" as lead singer. Good idea?

In our costumes and makeup, we'll look roughly like this Australian group of Jackson 5 imitators:

In honor of the "Indians" and their Wigwam Wiggle, we'll play our first single, The Funky Monkey Chicken Lickin' Zulu Hula Dance. It's sure to be a worldwide hit.

Followed by our second single, Don't Be Jivin', Melon Spellin' (Fo' Shizzle Ebonics Rap).

Since our goal is to have fun and not to offend anyone, I'm sure this will be okay.

Ronnie asked:Um...what will your role be in this band? Manager? <g>The band members' names are just code names, you know. I may be most like Douglass, so I'll put on black shoe polish and a gray wig and be him.

Kathryn added:Make sure everyone knows you'll be performing in blackface, and telling anyone of African heritage to STFU because you are "honoring" them. Make sure you say racist things when when you tell them how much they should be honored. Then you'll approach what's happening with the fans of the Irish "Indians" show band."Barry" takes the stage

Here's "Barry Obama" in costume for his next gig:

Oh, wait...that's not a band costume. It's an example of Tea Party racism widely denounced across the United States. And yet...it's the same thing as the "harmless" Irish showband. Both involve people dressed as stereotypical savages.

Why is one "harmless fun" while the other is deeply offensive to most thinking people? Good question. Ask the racists in the Irish showband, not me.

For more on the subject, see Natives Attack "Indians" Showband and "Indians" Showband Gets Attention.

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