June 14, 2011

Last Man Stands seeks funding

Film could be shot locally, if funding is secured

By Susan OlpAn independent feature film focused on a fictional Crow youth and his family will be made in Montana this fall, if funding can be secured.

The producer of "Last Man Stands" is Petra Ahmann of Silverline Cinema in New York City. Ahmann is a 2004 graduate of Laurel High School.
And:Most of the cast is already in place, Portugal said, with Alex Meraz, one of the wolves from the "Twilight" movies in the lead role of Taylor Brewer. Irene Bedard, who plays the part of his mother, is best known as the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney movie of the same name.

Raoul Trujillo, who has a part in the upcoming "Cowboys and Aliens," has been cast in the role of Taylor's father, and Chaske Spencer, another "Twilight" wolf, has the role as Taylor's older brother.
And:The plot centers on Taylor Brewer, an 18-year-old football player at Laurel High, whose family moved off the Crow Reservation. Taylor plans to follow in his brother Charlie's footsteps and join the Marines.

When Charlie is killed in action in Iraq, Taylor's father opposes his younger son's desire to enlist in the military. Taylor turns to tribal elders for wisdom and direction.
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