June 04, 2011

Graham Greene does sketch comedy

Graham Greene goes Nuts for local sketch comedy show

Spoofs his famous Dancing with Wolves role for APTN network program

By Ben Gelinas
Legendary aboriginal actor Graham Greene was in Edmonton on Friday, hamming it up on the set of a local sketch comedy show.

Edmonton-produced Caution: May Contain Nuts is shooting its third season for APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network).

Greene filmed multiple sketches with the cast Friday, including a spoof of the CBC reality show Dragons' Den.

Called Grizzly Bear's Den, the anachronistic bit has white people pitching concepts like "currency" to a panel of elders when Europeans first came to Canada.
And:Naturally, Greene will also feature prominently in a scene inspired by Dances with Wolves, specifically the role that garnered him an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor.

In the scene, Greene tends to a wounded cowboy, played by the show's head writer Matt Alden. Everything Greene provides Alden is made of buffalo, from the fuzzy blanket to the campfire.
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Below:  "Graham Greene finds himself in the middle of comic mayhem with cast members of the Edmonton-produced show Caution: May Contain Nuts." (Candace Elliott/Edmonton Journal)

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