June 13, 2011

Beck ridicules Lumbee woman

Beck Returns To Attacking Woman Lacking Broadband Access, Ridicules Her Native American HeritageFrom the June 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program.

Comment:  I think we've answer the question posed in Glenn Beck:  Racist or Ignoramus? He's both, with the emphasis on the former. If there's any doubt he's bigoted against Indians, this segment should remove it.

A Lumbee woman is testifying on tape about the need for Internet access. Beck and his assistant interrupt her frequently and ridicule her mercilessly. They make fun of her Southern accent, implying she's stupid for not speaking like them. They mock the name of her tribe, mispronouncing it "Lundee." They suggest her son wants the Internet to research crack houses and meth labs.

Finally, Beck asks if she's contacted her "tribal elders in the sweat lodge." He says he can contact them via smoke signals. The assistant, I think, mentions calling them. Beck says no, it's more of a carpet and campfire system--another reference to smoke signals.

Wow, racist much? I'd love to hear his "jokes" about Africans boiling missionaries in oil or South Sea islanders sacrificing virgins in volcanoes. Because these comments are akin to those.

Beck doesn't show any awareness that many of the Lumbee are part black. It doesn't really matter. He knows the Lumbee are a minority in North Carolina. That's enough for him to portray them as ignorant beggars and criminals. Which are the modern-day version of lazy, good-for-nothing savages.

For more on Glenn Beck, see Beck Slams Tribal Flag Song and Beck:  Indian Mounds Are Egyptian.


none said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm fine with Glenn Beck making fun of Southerners. Maybe they'll realize just how Republicans feel about their base.