June 17, 2011

Vilche the "Eskimo Warrior"

Red Bluff’s female heavy-hitter

Avery Vilche is a small but feisty mixed-martial-arts fighter

By Allie Colosky
Though she’s only 5 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs only 125 pounds, Avery Vilche walked confidently into the cage, ready to spar with a young man at least 15 pounds heavier than she. Almost immediately, she took charge, throwing him around with more force than anyone would expect from the tiny fighter.

Nicknamed the Eskimo Warrior, the 41-year-old mixed-martial-arts fighter from Red Bluff may not have size in her corner, but she’s never been one to back down from a challenge. After starting as a boxer before women were even allowed to participate in U.S. Amateur Boxing, and earning several commendations including a gold medal in the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, Vilche continues to overcome obstacles and adversity as she trains for her next fight in North Carolina this Friday (June 17).
Comment:  I understand the Yup'ik embrace the word "Eskimo," so they wouldn't consider this nickname a slur.

At least Vilche doesn't come out in a headdress and warpaint yelling war cries. I hope!

For more on mixed-martial artists, see Yup'ik Kickboxer Champion and Chippewa/Blackfeet Fighter on Ultimate Fighter.

Below:  "Avery Vilche is a firecracker in the cage, taking on Alex Fazleev, a student of hers who’s almost half her age, while her trainer, Manuel Whatley, and husband, John, watch." (Allie Colosky)

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