June 19, 2011

Good role for Tinsel Korey

Actors for Short Film RetributionFull service film and video production company is currently accepting headshots and resumes for our upcoming short film "Retribution."


July 16th Shoot

3.) FEMALE (21-30; Hindu/Indian or Native American)--WOMAN 4. Petite to Average build
Comment:  Whatever ethnicity you are, Tinsel, you're perfect for this role. Call your agent!

For more on the subject, see Mackenzie Confirms Korey's Identity and Tinsel Korey = Harsha Patel?

P.S. The idea that the two ethnicities are interchangeable is an insult to them both, of course.

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Anonymous said...

She thanked Jennifer Podemski - and Jen hates "Tinsel" - she fired her from hosting the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards when she found out she was Asian and not Native. She also called Doug Yazzie her "best friend" and not her husband. They’ve been married for years. She also stated that her dad is JP Korey, and that she will always carry his "name." What a freakin' phoney. JP isn't her biological dad, so why the f*ck should she steal his name and pretend to be related to him. That part pissed me off cause I have known "Tinsel" for so long and am beyond sick of her lies and deceitfulness to gain publicity and combat her shady lying past.