June 03, 2011

Edmonton Walk of Honour inducts Eyre

Aboriginal filmmakers to receive places on Edmonton Walk of Honour

By Catherine GriwkowskyTwo Aboriginal filmmakers will be inducted into the Edmonton Walk of Honour at Beaver Hills House Park as part of the Dreamspeakers Film Festival.

Smoke Signals director Chris Eyre took home awards at the Sundance Film Festival, while Edge of America won a Director’s Guild of America Award.

In addition to television, Eyre has directed Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Friday Night Lights and Mystery.

“As a Native, I’d rather be immortalized in a park than in a museum,” Eyre said.

Documentary producer Dr. Allen Benson is the CEO of both Native Counselling Services of Alberta and Bearpaw Media Productions.

The pair join actor Tantoo Cardinal and filmmakers Gil Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis.
Comment:  For more on Chris Eyre, see Variety Reviews A Year in Mooring and Entertainment Panel at RES 2011.

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