May 01, 2010

My Racebending interviews

As you may recall, in January I met with Mike Le of He interviewed me on Native and Asian representations in the media and we had a nice chat. I reported on it in Asians and Indians on TV.

Now the videos of my interviews are online. Try not to cringe as the white guy with no experience as a minority or a filmmaker pontificates about both.

For some of my radio interviews, see Sheyahshe and Schmidt on the Radio, My Baum Interview, and Rob Goes "Beyond the Grassy Knoll." For a previous video of mine, see My 10 Questions Video on Racialicious.


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A friend's comment via e-mail:

This was great. You made your points well and your presence had authority and confidence. Someone might have told you that visually you had a little too much hand gesturing that distracted a little, but that's a minor point. I probably do it more than you in general. This really makes you look hire-able as a consultant for entertainment entities, government, or who knows....Nice job.