December 22, 2010

Arctic Scents

Anaktuvuk Pass artist starts village perfumery

By Victoria BarberRainey Nasugraq Hopson is an Inupiaq writer and artist in Anaktuvuk Pass who writes a popular blog called Stop and Smell the Lichen. And now her followers--whether from Alaska, Ohio or beyond--can do just that.

Hopson, who has offered her artwork online for several years, has launched a line of fragrances, "Arctic Scents." So far there are eight; the lineup includes Lichen, Ursus Arctos (brown bear), Avu, Corvus Corax (raven), Willow, Canus Lupus Arctos (arctic wolf), Frost and Wild Alaskan Rose.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Women Are Entrepreneurs and Alaska Natives = Business Successes.

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dmarks said...

Authentic Native names might be more interesting than what they chose.