December 16, 2010

German Canadians protest Holocaust exhibits

Holocaust display criticized

By Kevin RollasonThe planned new Canadian Museum for Human Rights is under fire from an organization representing German Canadians, which objects to the museum's plan to single out the Holocaust for a permanent display.

"We shouldn't have a Holocaust exhibit as a permanent exhibit if no one else has one," said Tony Bergmeier, national president of the German-Canadian Congress.

The organization objects to having permanent galleries devoted to the Holocaust and Canada's aboriginal people when no other human-rights violation or human suffering is receiving a permanent exhibit, Bergmeier said.
In response, museum officials state the obvious:Museum spokeswoman Angela Cassie said the Holocaust is getting a permanent area because it was the event that forced the issue of genocide onto the world stage.

The issue of Canada's treatment of aboriginal people is getting a permanent display because it is a Canadian human-rights issue, she said.
Comment:  Don't tell me these protesters are worried about the exhibits sullying the image of their German people. As someone of German descent, I say that's ridiculous. The two acts of genocide are the most infamous in history. They deserve a special place in any presentation on the subject.

For more on the subject, see NMAI = Greatest Story Never Told and Wounded Knee "Delivered the Sentence."

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dmarks said...

I see the German-Canadian Bund is alive and well.

Look for Pat Buchanan to jump into the fray lightning-quick