December 21, 2010

America the Monopoly game

If America were a game of Monopoly

By Abagond3. Starting amounts: Before play begins give each player the following amounts to start with:

* $1500 white
* $1085 yellow
* $105 black
* $75 red

(Based on median household net worth in 2000.)

4. When passing Go: Each player will get the following amounts when passing Go:

* $200 white
* $170 yellow
* $140 black
* $120 red

(Based on median personal income for 2000.)
And:7. Voting: To win a vote a motion must get at least 5.1 votes. Each player gets the following number of votes:

* 8.2 white
* 1.3 black
* 0.4 yellow
* 0.1 red

(Based on those reporting one race on the 2000 census.)

8. Speaking: The white player can speak at any time. Other players speak only when spoken to. They are allowed to raise their hand to try to get the attention of the white player to ask a question.

(Based on media ownership.)
And:Advice to white players:

If the other players complain that the rules are unfair, say “Get over it!” Point out that the game is fair and democratic: they can always ask for a rule change and put it to a vote. Also point out that the white player does not always win, so if they lose it is their own fault.
Comment:  See the original posting for the complete set of rules.

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