December 29, 2010

No apology for Wounded Knee

US hasn't apologized for massacre at Wounded Knee

By Tim GiagoOn the 100th anniversary of that infamous day, Birgil Kills Straight, Alex White Plume and Jim Garrett, organized a ride that followed the exact trail taken by Big Foot and his band. That ride has taken place every year since December 29, 1990. At the end of the ride they hold a ceremony called “wiping away the tears” that calls for peace and forgiveness. This year they will take that ride again 120 years after the massacre.

Arvol Looking Horse, the Keeper of the Sacred Pipe of the Lakota, says a prayer every year on the hallowed grounds at Wounded Knee. He prays that America will someday apologize to the Lakota for the terrible deeds of the Seventh Cavalry, and that the 23 soldiers awarded the Medal of Honor for the slaughter of the innocents, will have those medals revoked. He also prays for peace and unity.

120 years after the tragedy at Wounded Knee, America has not apologized and the Medal of Honor winners are still looked upon as heroes by the United States. Will America ever own up to its sins?
Comment:  For a good explanation of what happened, see On the 120th Anniversary of Wounded Knee. Short version: US troops tried to forcibly disarm the Indians while pointing Hotchkiss machine guns at them. It was a recipe for disaster--practically a setup for a massacre.

Giago refers to the Medals of Honor. As you may know, Indians have launched a campaign to remove what they call the Medals of Dishonor. Here's their online petition:

Wounded Knee Medals of Dis HonorTwenty-three soldiers from the Seventh Calvary were later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for the slaughter of defenseless Indians at Wounded Knee.

We are asking that these Medals of DIS Honor awarded to the members of the 7th Calvary of the United States Army for the murder of innocent women children and men on that terrible December morning be rescinded.

And that the Battle Pennant on the Flag of the United States Army be removed and destroyed.
For more on the subject, see Wounded Knee "Delivered the Sentence" and Wounded Knee Too Sacred for Park?

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