December 18, 2010

Santa visits Havasupai by helicopter

Santa trades sleigh for helicopter in Ariz. visitChildren on the Havasupai reservation don't associate Santa Claus with a sleigh and flying reindeer.

They know he's coming when they hear the swooshing sounds of Marine helicopters overhead.

The Marines make sure Santa reaches even the most remote of places–a small roadless reservation that sits deep in a gorge off the Grand Canyon and the only place in the country where mail is delivered by mule train.

Dec. 15 will be the 15th year the Marines fly Santa into the canyon. The Toys for Tots program partners with a local food bank to deliver donated baskets of goods to every family and toys to every child.
Comment:  Apparently the Havasupai are so remote that even Santa's sleigh can't reach them.

For more on Native Santas, see The Navajo Santa.

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